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How'd We Do That? Fire Pit Globes

Lets talk about our Fire Pit Globes. In this blog I'm going to talk about the most popular questions we get regarding our globes. Ernie and I attend several craft fairs every years and we hear the same questions from our viewers and customers at every show. What better time to answer some of those questions than right now!

1. How do you make them round? #firepitglobe

We are a business that prides ourselves with being American own and run. We use 100% American Made products and upcycle old unwanted pieces. We keep as much out of our landfills as possible. We start our globe making process with finding old tanks headed to the land fill and cutting the ends off them. Some tanks have a round end on each end (like the picture to the right) and some only have one so we have to find a second round end to mate with it.

2. Weld the halves together.

Once we have found two halves that fit together we make the circle and weld them together. We do not weld them solid as we cut a good majority of the middle out. Once we have the circle its time to design.

3. Are they drawn and cut on a computer?


Everything done on our fire pit globes is hand done. Ernie and I work equally on the globes. We hand draw each of our globes, making them all one of a kind. Even if we try and draw the exact same animal it will be a bit different every time. The process of designing starts with talking to our customer about what they want on the globe. We then do a sketch on paper. Once we have a confirmed idea and design we hand draw the design on the globe. (Like the picture above) We make any and all design changes during this drawing process. This is when the customer gets their first glance as to what their fire pit globe is going to look like. No changes can be made once we start cutting so this is an important part of the process.

4. How long do they take to make?

From the time we start designing the globe to the time it is complete and ready for delivery it takes approximately 100 hours.

5. Who cuts them? or How does he cut them?

If I had a complaint it would be this question, and sometime in the future I'll write about being a female in the male dominate world of metal. Both Ernie and I cut our fire pit globes. We both do the entire process, there isn't one area I could say just Ernie does or just I do. We are 100% teammates in our business. I will be the first to say Ernie has a better artist vision than I do. He grew up with his father owning an auto body shop so he has always been around metal of some sort his whole life, meaning he also has a better understanding of metal than I do. That being said we both fully know and understand our business and what it takes to make and delivery every product that leaves our shop.

6. Do you delivery?

Yes we delivery free of charge up to 100 miles from our shop in Massachusetts. If you are over 100 miles we would have a small delivery fee or ship them. There is no reason for someone not to have one of our globes. We can and will get it to you!

I hope this helps explain the process of our Fire Pit Globes. Please post any questions you make have in the comment section. Make sure to sign up for notifications of new publishing's. Also follow us on Facebook and Instagram, we are there almost daily posting current happenings.

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