BigBear is a US Veteran, family-owned and operated business accredited by the Better Business Bureau of New England. Since 2000 we have designed and created unique metal arts, from stair rail inserts to indoor and outdoor signs, wall and yard art and home accents. Additionally, our fire pits, fire pit globes and fire rings are very hot items with our customers.


Not familiar with the process of plasma art? Let us explain...

Plasma is an ionized gas consisting of positive ions and free electrons in proportions resulting in more or less no overall electric charge, at a very high temperature. Basically it is an electric current that is formed using compressed air which forces it way through the metal making our beautiful, unique designs..

All of our decorative designs are made of 12 and 14 gauge steel. Our fire pits, fire pit globes and fire rings are made from 1/4 inch plate. Additionally, we use powder coating which is a baked on powder that makes metal weather and scratch resistant. This type of finish protects the metal when hung inside or out against rusting, as can happen with regular paint or no paint at all.


As with all custom, hand-made crafts, we cannot guarantee that any two items will be exactly the same. You will find some variations in color, finish and size.

BigBear Woodworking and Plasma Art fire pit globe with eagle and fish

Using our "Design Catalog", BigBear will work with you to create your one of a kind fire pit for any outdoor area. Once the designing, cutting and welding are complete, your fire pit is coated with a high-heat black finish and we ship directly to your door.

Visit our online Portfolio to view some of our custom Fire Pits and contact Customer Care for more information.

BigBear Woodworking and Plasma Art metal art home decor dragon fly

With your creativity and BigBear expert plasma art technique, we will create that unique office or home accent, wall art or functional metal art piece that you seek.

Need ideas? Browse the Metal Art masterpieces in our online Portfolio.

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BigBear Woodworking and Plasma Art metal and wood custom metal railins and gates.

To add dimension to your space, BigBear can incorporate the rich, natural tones of wood to accent your custom metal art.

All of our railing scenes are fabricated using 1/8 in thick steel, welded completely, not just stitched together like some of our competitors. They are then sandblasted and primed with a zinc rich powder-coating primer before being powder-coated with a premium color top coat. Quality- start to finish!

Visit our Portfolio to see a sampling of our Metal Meets Wood creations and contact Customer Care for more information.